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The Sonoscape X3V is a real time portable Colour Doppler Laptop Ultrasound machine that is equipped with advanced technology to present excellent image quality, efficiency and diagnostic accuracy. The X3V is extremely light weight & small with a laptop design providing you with an experience of extreme mobility and flexibility during any situation. Sonoscape X3V, offers a wide range of transducers for all clinical applications.


Applications: All veterinary applications for small and large animal (including optional Cardiology)


Standard Configuration

Standard Hardware included:

X3 main unit with 15.6" High Resolution LED color monitor (with auto-adaptive LED backlight)

One transducer connector

USB 2.0/Hard Disk 500 G

Rechargeable Battery

Mains Power Adaptor

Carry Case


Standard Software included:

Imaging modes: B/ 2B/ 4B/ M/CFM/ PDI/ DirPDI/ PW/ CW

Dynamic Multi-beam Technology

Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Pure Inversion Harmonic Imaging, Tissue Specification Imaging

Spatial Compound Imaging

Widescan: Trapezoid Imaging

Convex Extended Imaging

μ-Scan: 2D speckle reduction technology

PW Auto Trace, TEI Index


Auto: Auto optimization for B/ M/ PW/ CW

TGC: Time gain compensation

LGC: Lateral gain compensation

SR Flow, Triplex, B/C dual live, Standby Mode, 2D Steer, Auto IMT

2D Panoramic Imaging

Show Gallery




Integrated Trolley

Extended connector for up to 3 probes

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connection


Color M Mode

Tissue Doppler Imaging

Anatomic M Mode

B Mode Prospective Saving

Large Capacity Battery

B/W video printer: SONY UP-D897/SONY UP-X898MD

Footswitch (Must be configured with I/O Docking Extender)

I/O Docking Extender (with ECG package)

Keyboard Cover

External DVD/VCD

Bluetooth Controller


Probe Options

Linear array L741(Vascular, Small Parts, MSK etc.), 4.0-16.0MHz/ 46mm

Convex array 3C-A (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 1.0-7.0MHz/ R50mm

Micro-convex array C613 (Cardiology, Pediatrics), 4.0-13.0MHz/ R14mm

Phased array 7P-B (Cardiac, Transcranial), 2.0-9.0MHz

Phased array 3P-A (Cardiac, Transcranial), 1.0-6.0MHz

Convex array 6CT-A (Intra-operative), 3-15MHz/ R40mm

Linear array 10I2 (Intra-operative), 4-16 MHz/ 25mm

Convex array C322(Abdominal Biopsy), 2-6.8 MHz/ R20mm

Endocavity Linear Array L741V

Endocavity Linear Array L761V


Warranty: 24 months, Optional: 3 years, 5 years

For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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