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Technical Support & Service

Service & Repair of X-Ray & Ultrasound Machines and Scanners

Contact us to arrange a Repair or Routine Sevice


Our Technical division provides:

  • Fully qualified and Licensed X-Ray and Ultrasound Technicians

  • Service & repair of most brands X-Ray & Ultrasound equipment

  • Vet, Chiro, Dental & RAD Room, Mobile & C-arm X-Ray machines

  • Service and repair most makes of Ultrasound Scanners, Probe / Transducers.

  • Repairs to all brands of Ultrasound (Incl. TEE & 4D Probes)

  • Routine service contracts at the best rates.

  • Installation of your own X-Ray equipment, including relocation

  • Removal & safe disposal of X-Ray equipment

  • Insurance assessment of damaged Ultrasound or X-Ray equipment

  • Replacement quotes

  • Ultrasound Probe / Transducer replacement & Service

  • New probes for all brands of Ultrasound Scanners

  • Reconditioned and used probes

  • Compatible probes for many brands & models of Ultrasound scanners

  • Accessories and parts for most brands of Ultrasound scanners

  • NEW DIAS Accreditation Service & Reporting for Medicare purposes (Portable Machines in NSW only)

Electronic Wires
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