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The SonoScape E1V is a real time portable Black & White Real-time Ultrasound Machine that is easy to operate and provides satisfying image quality providing a smooth workflow experience offering:


Professional Veterinary measurements and calculations

Veterinary information management and reporting

User-definable graphic exam modes for different types of animals

Full library of body marks and annotations

Veterinary software for small animal to large livestock


Applications: All veterinary applications for small and large animal


Standard Configuration


E1V Main Unit

15.6" High Resolution LED Color Monitor

Two Transducer Ports

USB 2.0 / Hard Disk 500 G

Power Adaptor

Rechargeable Battery

Carry Bag



Preset for Pet, Race Horse, Animal Husbandry, Lab

B (2B & 4B) Mode, M Mode

μ-Scan (2D Speckle Reduction Technology)

Tissue Harmonic Imaging, Pure Inversion Harmonic Imaging, Spatial Compound Imaging

Widescan: Linear Extended

Auto IMT, Biopsy Guide, TEI Index, Zoom, 2D Steer

One-Key Optimization (Auto Optimization for 2D / M)

Show Gallery

TGC (Time Gain Compensation)

Dynamic Multi-beam Technology

Tissue Specific Imaging

DICOM 3.0: Store / C-Store / Worklist / MPPS / Print / SR / Q&R



WIFI Module and ECG (Hardware: Must be Configured before Delivery)

Pulse Wave Doppler Imaging

Simultaneous Mode (Duplex)

LGC (Lateral Gain Compensation)

Widescan: Convex Extended

Auto Trace

Vis-Needle (Needle Visualization Enhancement)

B Mode Panoramic Imaging & Prospective Saving

Mobile Trolley

Large Capacity Battery


Keyboard Cover

External DVD / VCD

Hard Disk 1T or Solid-State Disk 250G


Probe Options

Linear Array L741

Linear Array L746

Linear Array 10I2

Convex Array C361

Micro-convex Array C613

Convex Array C322V

Endocavity Linear Array L741V

Endocavity Linear Array L761V


Warranty: 24 months, Optional: 3 years, 5 years

For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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