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The RKU10 repro scanner is a hand-held scanner used for pregnancy detection as well as back fat scanning.



Pregnancy detection & Back-Fat Scanning

Porcine: Hog, Pig, Swine

Bovine: Cow

Ovine: Sheep & Goats



Screen: 5.7”

Available for left/right hand alternative use

Hand held or chest hanging carry option

Soft rubber coat, splash proof, dust proof, easy to clean

Hi capacity lithium battery - more than 6hrs of work


Display Modes

Display modes: B, 2B, 4B & M



100 frames permanent storage

256 cine-loop

Internal eight pseudo colours including Black & White

USB port supports large capacity USB (supports document management software upgrades / one key storage)

Supports colour laser printer - directly print various images and reports.

Weight approx. 1.1kg

Grid - 6 kinds: None, Grid, Line Grid, Point Grid 10mm space point ruler, 2mm space point ruler, 10mm space point ruler


Measurement Software

Common measurement: distance, circumference, area, volume

OB measurement: Bovine, Equine, Ovine, Canine, Feline, Goat, Swine and Llama

Gestational weeks and expected date

Cardiac Measurement: depth, slope, heart rate, cycle


Standard Configuration

Main Unit & Probe

Lithium Battery (6Hrs Long Life)

Shade Cover

Carry Case



Lithium Battery

Leather Case Saddlebag


Warranty: 24 months


For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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