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The FarmScan L60 repro scanner is a hand-held Black & White portable scanner ideal for farm animals.



Pregnancy detection in livestock animals

Bovine (pregnancy detection at 28 days)

Ovine & Goat (pregnancy detection at 25 days)

Porcine (pregnancy detection 18 days) ovarian & post-partum diagnosis

Back Fat Measurements (L70): pig, cow & sheep

Fetal sexing (cow, mare, sheep & goats)



Screen: 5.8” High resolution TFT LCD

Portable, Reliable and durable design

32 Channel 128 Element Probe


Display Modes

Display modes:  B, M, B+B, B+M,4B Mode

Character Annotation:  Date, time, name, sex, age, doctor, hospital, full screen words edit



Display Depth:  ≥220mm, multi-steps

Gray Scale: 256

Report:  Obstetric report

Scanning technology:  Real-time dynamic imaging

Image storage:  64-80 images

CINE Loop: ≥450 frames

Image flip: Left/right, up/down, brightness, contrast ratio, focus number, focal position

Image Procession:  Pseudo colour, correction, Image Smoothen, Histogram

Probe:  Multi-frequency probe series

Image magnification:  8 levels zoom in

High speed USB socket: Connect to PC & Printer, download image to PC

Video output, Supports video glasses

Li-ion Battery, 4-5 hours continuous operation

Support USB 2.0 for ultrasound station to transfer images and video to your computer

450~550-frame cine loop and 128 images insider

Portability by a shoulder belt giving you total freedom of movements, Support leather sheath

Sun shade case designed to be resistant to extremely harsh farm conditions and stops glare

Dimension:  approx. 40mm x 250mm x 120mm

Net weight:  approx. 600g


Measurement Software

Distance, Circumference, Area, Volume


Standard Configuration

Main unit with Rectal Linear Probe

Li-ion high power capacity battery 4.5hrs continuous

Battery charger

Neck strap and hand strap

User guide and training material.

Carry case



Li-ion high-power-capacity battery

Probe Introducer

Sun Shade

Video glasses

Car Charger

Ext. LED Monitor


Probe Options

Rectal Convex Probe


Convex – Abdominal

Back-Fat Probe


Warranty: 24 months

For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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