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The MSU 3 is a hand-held reproduction ultrasound scanner used primarily on pigs and other farm animals.



Porcine (pig, swine)

Ovine (sheep, goat, llama)

Canine (dog)


Measure back fat thickness, loin muscle thickness and lean percentage.


Screen: 3.5” high resolution colour LCD

Lightweight - Net weight approx.: 620g.


Suitable for outdoor use

3 Types of image display



Latest cortex-m4 embedded control system + mini-ultrasound technology hardware system; A scan and B scan.
U disk, image and measured data can be stored in Excel table for easy data management processing.
Unique character hidden function, automatically hidden in the setting time.
System automatically freeze time setting for probe protection
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
Lithium battery: Large capacity (2600mAh), working time
300 minutes.


Standard Configuration

Main unit

Mechanical Sector Probe

Carry Bag

Battery and Charger


Warranty: 12 months


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