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Konica Minolta - Digital X-Ray DR Flat Panel Detector, AeroDR NS 1417


Wireless, CsI (high sensitivity), Excellent Sharp Detailed Images. High Durability, Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), Water Resistant, Image Storage, Incl. All-in-One PC & Powerful ImagePilot Software. For Radiology, Chiropractic & Veterinary





Veterinary (small animal and equine)



High Quality image at a low cost

Easy to use


Rechargeable Battery - fast charge and long standby

Powerful post processing software but easy to use


CsI (High Sensitivity, Low Patient Dose)


Internal Storage


Large panel

Automatic exposure detection (AED)

High Quality - Top Brand

Stable Performance

Ultra Low noise

DICOM Compatible

Compatible with any Generator

Excellent Spacial Resolution

Professional Medical Images

Medical Specific Software or Vet Specific Software for choice



14 x 17" (35 x 43cm)

Acquired image in 3 to 4 Seconds

2 Rechargeable batteries - so you always have charge


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