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This reliable, compact, light-weight Infusion Pump has an intuitive user interface with plenty of user defined options.


The easy calibration mode allows the pump to be used with any giving set of reasonable quality.

Apart from the recommended annual in house calibration, these pumps require no routine servicing.



Fluid Infusion



Accuracy: approx. 5%




Cage-Mount option



Pumping mechanism: curvilinear peristaltic

Flow rate: 0.1 to 1200ml/hr

Total volume infused: 1-9,999ml

KVO (Keep Vein Open) rate: 1 - 8ml/hr

Air-in-line detector: Ultrasonic

Internal rechargeable battery: 3.5Hrs @ 25ml/hr

Waterproof Level IPX3

Pole and Cage Mount

Weight 1.5kg

Dimensions: 135mm x 90mm x 135mm



occlusion (3 levels), air-in-line, occlusion, AC power failure, door open, end program, low battery,


Warranty: 12 months

Optional 24 Months


For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.


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