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Ecotron AnyVet-R X-Ray System High Power with 4-Way floating Table & X-Ray Generator with LCD TouchScreen Control Panel


Portable X-Ray Generator


Option 1: Model: AnyVet - 32R

Output Power: 32kW

Single Phase

kV Range 40 – 125kV, 1kV step

mA Range 10 – 400mA

Timer Range 1ms to 10sec, 36steps

mAs Range: 0.1 to 400mAs

Max Power Output:




Weight: approx 108kg


Option 2: Model AnyVet -40R

Output Power: 40kW

Single Phase or 3 Phase option

kV Range 40 – 125kV, 1kV step

mA Range 10 – 500mA

Timer Range 1ms to 10sec, 36steps

mAs Range: 0.1 to 500mAs

Max Power Output:




Weight: approx. 108 – 110kg



LED Collimator Lamp

Max X-Ray Tube Voltage 150kVp

X-Ray Field 43 x 43cm @ FD100cm

Adjustment: Manual

Light Projection: 280-160LuX @ FD100cm

Lamp: LED

Lamp Timer: 30 seconds

Dimension: approx. 225 x 240 x 185mm



19” Display

Acquired images are displayed



Easy Operation

3000 Anatomical programs



4-Way floating table top

Designed for Veterinary Use

Dimensions: approx 1500 x 700 x 785

Longitudinal Travel: 400ml

Transverse Travel: 200mm

Control Method: dual Foot Switch

Weight: approx 120kg (exc HFG)


Advanced High Frequency Generator

Single Phase / 3 Phase

Output Power 32Kw or 40Kw

Inside Table Base

Easy insatall and easy maintenance


Dual foot switch

4-Way floating top table moving

Hand Free Collimator Lamp control


X-Ray Tube

Model: Toshiba E7239X

Max Power 125k Vp

Weight: approx 16kg

Max Voltage to Ground: 65kV

Anode Type: Rotating Anode


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