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The KX5200V hand-held repro scanner is a popular light weight portable ultrasound scanner offering high reliability and excellent performance. This reproductive scanner is ideally suited to farm animals.



Bovine, Equine, Canine, Feline, Ovine, Goat, Llama



5.7" High resolution colour TFT LCD monitor with a clear image in sunny conditions.

Lightweight approx. 1.1kg

2 large capacity lithium batteries with approx. 6hrs working time.

Main unit is splash proof, dust proof and easy to clean

Full field image with 8 levels of depth adjustment


Professional measuring software for Veterinary

Common measurement: distance, circumference, area, volume

OB Measurement: Gestational weeks and expected date

Cardiac Measurement: depth, slope, heart rate, cycle


Display Modes

B, 2B, 4B, BM, M



Local zooming function

Image storage 100 frames permanent storage without the loss of the image when powered off

Cine Loop: 256 frames

High speed USB A port supporting large capacity USB flash and mouse

High speed USB B port for image transfer to PC


Reproductive Measurement Software

Bovine, Equine, Canine, Feline, Ovine, Goat, Llama


Standard Configuration

Main Unit

6.5MHz Rectal probe

Lithium battery x 2

Charger, Belt, Bracket

Leather Case

Handle freeze switch



Optional Case Reporting Processing Software.

Car Charger

Video Goggles

Rectal Probe Introducer

Back-Fat Probe Stand-Off


Probe Options

4.00MHz multi-frequency Rectal-Convex probe

6.5MHz multi frequency Linear-Rectal probe

3.5MHz multi frequency Convex probe

7.5 MHz high multi frequency Linear probe

5.0MHz multi frequency Micro-Convex probe

3.5MHz Back-Fat Probe 150mm


Warranty: 24 months


For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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