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Wireless 4D Bladder Scanner

The 4D Wireless real time portable bladdder portable Bladder Scanner is an excellent choice for convenience at an affordable price, using non-invasive visualization to measure urine volume in the bladder and to determine whether catheterization can be prevented.




Household rehabilitation

Elderly Care Centers

Community Settings

Home Visits\Urology,


Operating theatre

Home Care



Appertain Area

Uric incontinence guide




Accuracy 95%

Only 1 probe – convenient to carry


4D array scan – clear image

High scanning speed

Without distortion

High precision rotary encoder

Precise positioning

No need to calibrate

Waterproof probe


Scan Modes




Standard Configuration

Main Unit

4D wireless probe

USB Cable




Tablet / Smart phone

Bluetooth wireless printer

Wireless charge pad

Wireless charge battery bank

Storage case



Scan mode: Array probe – 4D Scan

Supporting system: Apple iOS

Measuring range 10ml – 2000ml

Accuracy 95%

Scan time: 2 seconds

Scanned image display frame: 10 frames / second

Built in battery – scan 200 patients with 1 charge

Power: Wireless charge of by USB cable

Dimensions: Approx. 180mm (length) x 60mm (width) x 60mm (thickness)

Weight: Approx 420g



Non-invasive and immediate detection of bladder volume

Can be used as a daily care device for Catheterization

In the Pelvic floor radiotherapy to monitor bladder capacity to ensure accurate radiotherapy at the pelvic floor

Evaluation of bladder function before and after gynecological pelvic floor surgery

Evaluation of various urinary diseases, urinary management and bladder function

Rehabilitation nursing of patients with neurogenic bladder, spinal cord injury and stroke patients, to help assess the recovery of bladder function.

Before the implementation of intermittent catheterization, according to the measurement of bladder capacity and bladder pressure to set the catheterization time to assist the recovery and reconstruction of bladder function.

Diagnose different types of urinary incontinence and dysuria, and determine the diagnosis and treatment plan.


TGA Registered: Yes

Warranty: 12 months with option to extend.

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