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VeinSight VS500 Vein Finder

The NEW VS500 is the winner of Germany's Red Dot design award. With ergonomic design & advanced technology. Now the most advanced Vein Finder in the World. With 3 Exclusive features - Vein Center Line, Saving Vein Image & Distance Indication.



Lighter and Smaller

More comfortable to hold

More flexible to use

More convenient to operate


Save Vein Images

You can save real-time vein images in VeinSight vein viewer VS500. You can check the saved image directly by projecting vein images or you can also connect the device with computer and export it to PC. It will help patients and medical staffs compare vein images before and after the procedure.


Distance Sensor

The latest Vein detector VS500 has build-in distance sensor, that will help uers find the most suitable projecting distance to have the most clear vein images.
During our clinic promotion, we found that many users may place the device in unsuitable distance, which will have some influence for the outcome. So we add a distance indicator in our system, it will turn yellow when the device find projecting distance too far away or too close.


Vein Centre Line

To help medical staff locate the veins with a higher successful rate, we developed the vein centre line function. Venipuncture is just getting easier and easier while improving the experience for both medical staff and patients.



Advanced Depth detecting technology

Convenient for medical staff to assess the depth of veins


Vein Image Transfer

Store vein image in the device and export to computers.
You can save vein images in VS500 now, you can view it by projecting vein images or you can also connect vein finder with your computer and export it.
It is very useful for doctors who want to show the difference before and after a particular procedure to patients in Vascular Surgery department, or for reasearch use.


What's the Difference Between VS500 and VS400

The basic features are the same for VS400 and VS500, and it's enough for most application, VS500 will be more user friendly, it can tell if you are holding device in right distance again patients. and VS500 will show you the center line of veins, which will make the venipuncture even more easier.


Saving Vein Images

Storing Vein Image

Review the vein image and choose whether you want to save it.

Check the vein images you saved by projecting it.

Connext vein finder to computer to manage your vein images


Advanced distance sensor

Automatic sleep mode

Wake up with gesture

Rotate as you like, flexible operation

High freedom degree bracket

More Accessories Options

Mobile Stand

Fixed Stand

Table Stand

Vein Enhancer


For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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