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VeinSight VS400 Vein Finder

This VeinSightTM vein illuminator which is a hand-held version of VeinSightTM. The product is small and light enough to be easily worn by healthcare professionals and can be secured to an optional mobile cart stand or desktop mount. This allows for superficial venous blood vessels of patients to be rapidly searched, identified and evaluated.






Emergency Services





Plastic & Cosmetic procedures




Colour: Switchable colours for different completions and preferences

Inverse: Clinicians can highlight the veins or highlight the surrounding tissue

Brightness: Adjustable brightness allows clinicians customizing the image brightness based on the surrounding light

Size: 3 Image sizes for paediatric patients or focus on one vessel.

Built-in Battery: 300min continuous use with 1 charge.




Vein finder can help healthcare professions to find a suitable vein for venepuncture efficiently and accurately.


Cosmetic Procedures

Vein finder can be used to locate and avoid veins during cosmetic procedures which can minimise bruising and possible migration to the injected fluids.


Vascular Procedures

During the vascular treatment, the VeinSightTM vein finder can help assess and identify deeper feeder veins and helps to have an effective spider vein treatment.


Greater First Stick Success

VeinSightTM vein finder can improve IV first-stick success by up to 100%


Higher Puncture Efficiency

VeinSightTM vein finder can save the vein finding time, decrease time to start an IV by up to 100%


Increased Patient Satisfaction

VeinSightTM vein finder gives patient great comfort and increases the patient satisfaction by up to 100%



Older skin is loose and the blood vessel elasticity is poor. VeinSightTM angiography can accurately determine the position and direction of blood vessels and helps medical professionals find the most suitable blood vessels for puncture.


Obese Patients

The position and orientation of blood vessels in patients with oedema are difficult to judge with the naked eye, and with the aim of the VeinSightTM vascular image, the blood vessels are clearly visible


Dark-Skinned Patients

Patients with dark skin have poor contrast between blood vessels and the epidermis, and are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. VeinSightTM vascular imaging can clearly detect the blood vessels of dark-skinned patients.


Skin Disease & Scar Patients

Dermatosis, scars in patients with blood vessels in the affected area are difficult to identify with the eye. VeinSightTM vascular imaging can help medical staff to quickly locate the veins of such patients.


Cancer Patients

Because of long-term infusion, excessive pinholes, and poor perfusion rates in tumour patients, the VeinSightTM vascular imaging device can help medical personnel find venous blood vessels that are suitable for puncture and have good blood flow.



Children’s Blood vessels are thin and difficult to find with the naked eye. The VeinSightTM Vascular Image helps doctors and nurses to find children’s veins.


Fine or Universal can be selected for finding smaller deeper veins.



Light Type: Near-infrared light

Best Projection Distance 200mm+20mm

Battery Working Time: 5hrs

Operating Mode: Handheld or suspension


Dimensions: Approx. 240 x 60 x 60mm (LxWxH)

Weight: Approx. 480g


Standard Configuration

Main unit

Docking Station

Desk Mount



Mobile Stand


Warranty: 24 months


For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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