SonoScape S9 Pro

The SonoScape S9 Pro is a real time portable Colour Doppler Ultrasound machine that is the newest member to the SonoScape Premium HCU family. Combining our latest advances in display technology providing a highly accurate, faster and effortless diagnosis. This trend setting and exquisite HCU system will provide clinicians with advanced clinical tools and the power to reveal subtle details which will assist during critical decisions with the greatest of confidence


The S9 Pro, successfully blends sensible ergonomics, exquisite styling and ease of use, bringing the clinical benefits of a premium system to new areas of healthcare.


The S9 Pro is an adaptable system capable of providing exceptional diagnostic images for a variety of exam conditions and requirements. This ergonomic, lightweight, HCU system provides clinically proven technologies to improve work flow, patient care and comfort for the user.


Applications: Cardiology, Radiology, Abdominal, OBS / GYN, Small Parts, Urology, MSK, Vascular



15.6” LED Screen 50° angle

TouchScreen with 140° convertible opening angle

Abundant Connection Interface


Superior Imaging Quality

Real-time 3D (4D)

Spatial Compound Imaging

Pulse Inversion Harmonic IMaging

C-Xlasto Elastography

Panoramic Imaging

High Density Probe

Stress Echo



Standard Configuration

Main Unit & probes of choice, rechargeable Battery, mains adapter, Premium Hard-Shell Flight Case



Height adjustable Stylish Trolley

Probe Options

Linear array L742(Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 38mm

Linear array L743(Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 46mm

Linear array L752(Vascular, Small parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 52mm

Linear array 10L1 (Vascular, Small Parts, MSK etc.), 4-16MHz/ 36mm

Convex array C354 (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2-6.8MHz/ R50mm

Convex array C353 (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2-6.8MHz/ R55mm

Convex array C362 (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2.4-5.5MHz/ R60mm

Convex array C322(Abdominal Biopsy), 2-6.8 MHz/ R20mm

Convex array C542 (Abdominal, Pediatrics), 3-6.5 MHz/ R40mm

Convex array 3C-A (Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 1.0-7.0MHz/ R50mm

Micro-convex array C611(Cardiology, Pediatrics), 4-13 MHz/ R11mm

Micro-convex array C613(Cardiology, Pediatrics), 4-13 MHz/ R14mm

Phased array 4P-A (Cardiac, Transcranial), 1.0-5.4MHz

Phased array 5P2 (Cardiac, Transcranial, Pediatric), 2-9MHz

Phased array 8P1 (Cardiac, Transcranial, Infant), 4-16MHz

Endocavity 6V1 (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-15MHz/ R11mm

Endocavity 6V3 (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-15MHz/ R10mm

Endocavity 6V1A (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-15MHz/ R11mm (Vaginal Dilator: EDVS)

Endocavity 6V7 (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-15MHz/ R10mm

Linear array 10I2 (Intra-operative), 4-16 MHz/ 25mm

Laparoscope linear array LAP7 (Intra-operative), 3-15MHz/ 40mm

Volumetric convex array VC6-2 (Obstetrics, Abdominal, Gynecology), 2-6.8MHz/ R40mm

PWD 2.0 (Cardiac, Transcranial), 2.0Mhz

CWD 2.0 (Cardiac, Transcranial), 2.0MHz

CWD 5.0 (Cardiac, Transcranial), 5.0MHz

Transesophageal MPTEE (Cardiology), 4-13 MHz

Transesophageal MPTEE Mini (Cardiology, Pediatric), 4-13 MHz

Transrectal EC9-5 (Urology), 3-15 MHz/ R8mm

Biplane BCL10-5 (Urology), Convex 3.9-11MHz/ R10mm, Linear 6-15 MHz/ 60mm

Biplane BCC9-5 (Urology), 3.9-11 MHz/ R10mm


Warranty: 24 months, Optional: 3 years, 5 years

TGA Registered: Yes

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