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Chison XBit90

The Chison XBit 90 is a Colour Doppler Console Ultrasound System with outstanding image quality and powerful hi-tech features which can bring you an intelligent and accurate diagnostic experience.


Applications: Vascular Cardiac, OB/ GYN, Urology, MSK, Shared Service



19” TouchScreen

Colour Doppler


3D Volume Imaging


CW Doppler




Combine the CT/MR/PET image with the ultrasound which provides more diagnosis information



This has been developed in order to visualize the micro-circulation in tissue, that is, the blood fow in imperceptible blood vessels

Potentially be used for improved diagnosis and therapy in several clinical situations


Strain and strain rate

A new non-invasive method for assessment of myocardial function.

Has the ability to differentiate between active and passive movement of myocardial segments to quantify intraventricular desynchrony

Evaluate components of myocardial function


Standard Configuration

Main Unit & probe of choice


Probe Options

L7-T Linear

L8M-T Linear

L8M6-T Linear

MC6-T Convex

MC3-T Convex

C3-T Convex

L12-T Linear

L8M5-T Linear

L12M-T Linear

P5-T Phased Array

P2M-T Phased Array

P2-T Phased Array

P3T-T Phased Array

E7MW-T Transvaginal

E7-T Transvaginal

E6-T – Transvaginal

R7B8-T Transrectal

L7R-T Transrectal

VE6-T Volume

VC4-T Volume

L10I-T Special

CW2-T Special

L7SVA-T Special

T5-T Special


Warranty: 24 months, Optional: 3 years, 5 years

TGA Registered: Yes

For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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