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Chison SonoBook 8

The Chison SonoBook 8 is a compact Laptop Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine with a robust alloy casing design tailored for users who need maximum mobility but also demand powerful functions.


Applications: OBS/GYN, MSK, Vascular, Physio, General, Cardiology, Urology.



15” LED Screen

120° rotation


Frequency Range 1.5MHz – 18MHz

192 elements high density probe




Ultra-Light, Ultra Slim, Ultra Compact

Ultra-Deep penetration >30cm

Ultra-Superficial Observation <2mm

Ultra-Slow velocity detection <2mm/s

Ultra-High velocity detection >40m/s

(probe dependable)


Boots up in approx. 1min

Shutdown <12s

Still image and cine can be saved in 1s

Instant switch between different modes & measurements


Large storage size (10 thousand’s of images and cine’s)


Intelligent patient’s data management

SonoDocking, DVI-1, Foot Switch, Video-out, Remote, S-Video


USB 3.0

DIACOM: Structure report, worklist, storage, print


AIO (Automatic Image Optimization for B mode & D mode)

Auto Measurement: Auto IMT, Auto NT, Auto Trace for PW

User defined workflow

Auto-ambient adjustment tailored to indoor & outdoor users

Super Needle enhances the needle display without distortion of the needle

HIP Graf for orthotics diagnosis for paediatric hip scanning


SSD for lower power consumption

Standby mode to save energy

Auto ambient adjustment to save battery life

Low heat & noise design

Up to 1 week battery life in standby mode

Up to 2hours of continuous use in active mode



Real Time Panoramic provides more anatomic information of muscle and tendons

Super Needle enhances the image without distortion of the needle

Elastography evaluates changes in muscle stiffness for joint pain and injury.

Comprehensive cardiac measurement packages: Semi-auto Simpson, PISA

Customizable cardiac measurement workflow







Standard Configuration

Main Unit & probe of choice



Trolley with 3 Probe Connectors, Anti-theft Lock, Accessory Basket, Basket, Printer Socket, Pneumatic Height Adjustable


Larger SSD



Probe Options

C3-V     3.0 MHz Convex probe 

MC3-V  3.0 MHz Micro-convex probe 

MC6-V  6.0 MHz Micro-Convex probe

L7-V     4.0 MHz-15.0 MHz Linear probe (128 elements, 40mm)

L12-V    7.0 MHz-18.0 MHz Linear probe (128 elements, 40mm)

L8M5-V 5.0 MHz-14.0 MHz Linear probe (192 elements, 50mm)     

L8M-V   4.0 MHz-15.0 MHz Linear probe (192 elements, 40mm)

P2-V     2.5 MHz Phased array probe (Adult)  

P5-V     5.3 MHz Phased array probe (Pediatric)

L7V-V   7.5 MHz Linear Rectal Probe L7V-V

R7-V     7.5 MHz transrectal probe


Warranty: 24 months, Optional: 3 years, 5 years

For more information and to confirm specifications, please contact us to request a brochure.

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