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Bladder Scanner BVT01

The BVT01 Bladder Scanner is a non-invasive ultrasound scanner used to measure bladder volume and assessing urinary retention and urinary incontinence. The BVT01 features simple operation and advanced calculating methods ensuring the correct result for every anomaly shape.




Obstetrics & Gynecology




Surgical & Operation Room

Recovery Room


Intensive Care

Extended Care



Non invasive

Smart & compact design with touchscreen

Simple operation with less than 4 second scan time

5.7″ colour TouchScreen LCD

Easy and fast information input

Internal thermal printer

Battery running time of > 9 hours

USB port for data output

Free online software upgrades

Advanced calculating method ensures the correct result for every anomaly shape

Simple Multi patient selection for different patient types

Auto interpretation & easy manual note for amendment

Accuracy: 85 – 95%


Standard Configuration

Main unit

3D probe

Power Supply adapter / charger

Built-in Battery

Built in Printer

Touch pen

USB storage / transfer




Extra battery

Foot Switch

Extend warranty to 3 years



Probe frequency MHz 2.5

Volume calculating reference plane 12 plane, interval 15°

Volume display resolution, ml 1ml

Volume measuring scale 20ml999ml

Volume measuring accuracy, ml

100ml999ml ≤±15% margin

20ml99ml ≤±15ml margin

Power Supply AC 100 - 240V 50-60Hz

InputDC12V 3.0A

Main unit dimension: Approx. 200×168×165mm (L×W×H)

Main unit weight: Approx. 1.7kgwithout accessories



Testing urine volume can evaluate urinary retention, uracratia and other urinary system diseases.

Evaluate the Therapeutic effect of certain drugs for urinary system diseases by continuously measuring post-void residual volume.

Control the micturition time of patients by measuring post-void residual volume.

Avoid irrevocable damage of bladder function caused by long-term open catheterization.

Prevent Urinary infection caused by unnecessary catheterization.

Reduces patient pain

Increases the quality of patient care

Reduce the frequency of catheterization

Increases nursing staff job satisfaction

Preserves patient’s dignity

Reduces patient’s pain

Improve patient’s quality of life

Save cost, time

Reduces overall cost of care


TGA Registered: Yes

24 months (main unit) 12 months (probes)


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