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The Reproson V1 features a high-quality image resolution & powerful veterinary software package ideal for backfat measurements and reproduction scanning. A Premium Product.



Porcine (pig, swine)

Ovine (sheep, goat, llama)

Canine (dog)

Equine (horse)

Bovine (cattle, cow)

Backfat measurements



Screen: 5.7”

Water proof



Diagnostic mode: 4 kinds (common diagnostic mode, support for customization).


B mode backfat measuring function

Provides accurate backfat and lean rate measurement.
TV/VGA/Freeze, three-in-one, easy to operate.
9 types grid for quick measurement and efficient diagnosis
6 types of operation backgrounds for different visual ease of use.

5.8GHz RFID connection with external wireless monitor for real time display and facilitates information sharing for remote consultation.
Wifi connection with Phone/Pad and PC ultrasound working station for easy image & data transfer & management
OB record
detailed record the diagnosis results.
Diagnosis List: record diagnosis quantity, easy for batch management.


Standard Configuration

Main Unit                                             

Operation bag                                      

6.5MHz linear rectal probe                                            

Power supply adaptor                                       

Freeze switch                           

Internal battery                                     

Plastic sealed case



Wireless monitor                                              

Extension arm for either rectal probe                                                                             



Probe Options

4.0Mhz curved rectal probe

7.5MHz High Frequency linear probe                                        

6.5MHz micro convex probe                                         

6.5MHz linear rectal probe                                            

3.5MHz convex probe                                      


Warranty: 24 months


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