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Ecotron AnyVet-s X-Ray System is a 4-Way floating Table & X-Ray Generator with LCD TouchScreen Control Panel.


Portable X-Ray Generator


Option 1: Model: EPX-F2800

Output Power: 2.8kW

Single Phase 120VAC

Max 120kV / Max 40mA


Option 2: Model EPX-F5000

Output Power: 5.0kW

Single Phase 220VAC

Max 120kV / Max 100mA

Membrane Operation Consol



LED Collimator Lamp

Integrated Laser Aimer


Table Top

4-Way Floating Table Top

Designed for Veterinary Application



Compact Design

Easy Installation

Easy Detector Interface


Convenient: Compact design for moving

Dual Foot Switch: 4-Way Floating Top Table – moving


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