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Bladder Scanner TouchScreen v5.1

The Bladder Scanner PBS V5.1 measures bladder volume and post void (PVR) residual volumes and makes assessment and care easy for male, female and paediatric patients.




Obstetrics & Gynecology



Emergency Departments

General Surgery

Community Medical Centers

Family Doctors

In-home medical



Nursing homes




Location prompts

Bladder border recognition


Light Weight

8.4” colour LCD TouchScreen

Real Time scanner


3D Ultrasound Technology

User friendly software

Easy to operate

Stores patient images for review & records

USB Connectivity for data transfer to PC

Software upgrades via internet

Long life battery

Built-in smart calibrating program

Built in Printer

Accuracy: 85 – 95%


Scan Modes



Paediatric (Residual)


Scan Planes:

12 planes – quicker for scanning and calculation.

24 planes – better accuracy


Standard Configuration

Carry Case

Mobile Stand






Bar Code Scanner

WiFi System



Transducer frequency: 2.6 MHz

Scan method: 3D

Measurement method: Automatic measurement and Display

Real-time scanning and aiming

Result Display: Volume value, Max. measured value, Aiming Location, B mode Images (12/24 planes)

Outline the edge of the bladder for evaluating the effectiveness of the measurement

Accuracy: ±15%, ±15ml (0~150ml); ±10%, ±15ml (150~999ml) (on tissue-equivalent phantom)

Measurement Range: 0- 999ml

Scan depth: ≥180mm

Sway Angle: 95°±2°

Rotating Angle: 180°±2°

Storage Capacity: 100 cases

Case management: Store, Browse, Export

Patient ID: 12 digits

Printer: On-board Printer

Scan Mode: Male, Female, Paediatric

Display screen: 8.4" touch screen

Language: English; French; Germany; Spanish;

Power supply: Battery

Device Dimension: Approx. 310x260x50mm

Net weight: Approx. 2.1kg



Accuracy: This bladder scanner has an 85 – 95% accuracy in comparison to conventional scanners that have a 60 – 70 % accuracy and requires a sonographer to calculate the measurements


Efficiency: The bladder scanner gives and automatic result with a 4-5 second scan time and does not require a sonographer as a trained nurse would be able to perform the task.


Outlines the bladder edge: The bladder scanner uses bladder edge recognition techniques on each B-mode images and outlines the edge with red lines making the task quick and easy to perform.


Prevents unnecessary catheterization and nosocomial infections: By measuring the bladder volume to decide whether catheterization is necessary, the hospital could save the expense of unnecessary catheterization and catheter-associated infections, improving the patients comfort and experience.


Improves Nursing Safety & Experience:  Be determining bladder volume for pre-assessment purposes.


TGA Registered: Yes

24 months (main unit) 12 months (probes)


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