Bladder Scanner - Avantsonic Z3

The Avantsonic Z3 portable bladder Scanner is a real-time scanner used to manage the patients timing of the appropriate catheterization in order to reduce diuretic pain and the risk of urinary infection caused by catheterization.




Household rehabilitation

Elderly Care Centers

Community Settings

Home Visits



Fast & Accurate

Easy to use

Portable or use with Trolley

Smart probe positioning

Multi-language (English + 9 other)


Automatic 3D bladder Scanner

Smart Positioning

Pre-scanning functions

Bluetooth wireless transmission to PC

TouchScreen Keyboard

Stores up to 1000 records

Built in Thermal Printer

MuliColour image display

USB port for data transfer

Download to PC

7” TFT-LCD display

Calibration not required

Servicing not required


Scan Modes




Standard Configuration

Main Unit

3D Probe






Volume Measurement Range: 0-999ml

3D Mechanical Sector Scanner 2.5MHz

Accuracy (measurement error) 7.5%

Volume display resolution: 1ml

Scan Time: 5 seconds

Battery Capacity 2600mA

Power consumption: 50 Watts

Power during charging: 30-65 VA

Power supply: lithium-ion battery or from mains via AC adapter during battery charging

Lithium-ion battery model: SNLB-325

Power adapter: AC100 – 240V ± 24V, 50/60 Hz, 1.2A 120VA  13.5VDC  5A

Main unit: DC13.5V±0.5V

Battery recharging time: circa 2 hours

Battery life on full charge: circa 4 hours

Environmental conditions: Temperature 5° C to 40° C; RH 30% to 75 %; Pressure 70 kPa to 106 kPa

Storage and transportation conditions: Temperature -40° C to + 55° C; RH 10% to 80%; Pressure 50 kPa to 106 kPa

Heat Index: PI lower than 0.1

Mechanical Index: lower than 0.1

Dimensions: approx. 190 x 135 x 52 mm

Weight: circa 1300g including probe

Certifications: CE 0482, FDA cleared, RoHS



Non-invasive and immediate detection of bladder volume

Can be used as a daily care device for Catheterization

In the Pelvic floor radiotherapy to monitor bladder capacity to ensure accurate radiotherapy at the pelvic floor

Evaluation of bladder function before and after gynecological pelvic floor surgery

Evaluation of various urinary diseases, urinary management and bladder function

Rehabilitation nursing of patients with neurogenic bladder, spinal cord injury and stroke patients, to help assess the recovery of bladder function.

Before the implementation of intermittent catheterization, according to the measurement of bladder capacity and bladder pressure to set the catheterization time to assist the recovery and reconstruction of bladder function.

Diagnose different types of urinary incontinence and dysuria, and determine the diagnosis and treatment plan.


TGA Registered: Yes (by Manufacturer)

12 months


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